About ABIE

ABIE specializes in mobile app development as well as traditional website and server development. Whether you already have a mobile app in the app stores, or wish to create a custom mobile app, contact ABIE for all your mobile needs, including strategy, development, marketing, and maintenance/support.
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Native Mobile Development

We specialize in developing mobile apps in their native technologies, such as Swift and Objective-C for iOS, Java for Android, and C# for Windows Phone, to ensure a smooth and fast mobile experience, as well as access to the latest mobile device capabilities, including: GPS, cameras, accelerometers, RFID, wearables, Internet of Things (IoT), and Bluetooth devices.
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We utilize hybrid mobile app development technologies including PhoneGap, Kony, and Ionic in conjunction with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript for fast-to-market mobile app development.
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By leveraging the Xamarin development platform, our software engineers implement complex mobile apps for all mobile platforms, simultaneously, using C#.
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"TipE - Mobile App Development"

“I am extremely happy with the quality and professionalism of the ABIE development team. They developed our mobile app quickly, much faster than I anticipated. While the feature-set was complex, their senior engineers were able to implement each of our requirements. A huge thanks to the ABIE team for a job well done!”

Dr. Dominik Chrzan CEO, Tipe Technologies, Inc

"Real Estate — Website Development"

"The real estate market is saturated with thousands of websites for the consumer market. ABIE has developed a unique, aesthetically pleasing website, that is mobile-friendly, and enables the consumer to find exactly what they need, whether it’s a new home, apartment, or other type of property. The website is SEO friendly, and provides all the features that we requested. Awesome job to the ABIE team!"

Dr. Brian Gross CEO, Avalon Realty, Inc.

"Fudi - Mobile App Development."

“The Fudi mobile app is a revolutionary new app that transforms and disrupts the restaurant business, and revolutionizes the way people interact with chefs. The ABIE team has been developing and enhancing our app for almost a year, due to the continued and endless quantity of features our users keep requesting. I am continuing my relationship with the ABIE team for the foreseeable future.”

Nizar Lavji CEO, Foodie Systems, Inc.


We Develop Compelling Mobile Apps

We leverage specialists who have expertise in user experience, design, and user interaction, to ensure mobile apps have a smooth and intuitive screen layout, are simple to navigate, and become sticky to the target audience.

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Already have a mobile app or website?

Already have a mobile app in one of the app stores, and need expertise in implementing the same app for the other app stores? ABIE can help in creating a strategy for ensuring apps are available in all app stores.


Don’t have a mobile app?

Developing a mobile app requires expertise in many technologies as well as creating a mobile rollout strategy to ensure the app is successful in the marketplace. ABIE works with many firms to ensure best practices are utilized for UX/UI, software engineering, quality assurance, and maintenance/support to provide the best mobile app for your existing enterprise or the next emerging idea.


Website and Web Development

In addition to mobile app development, ABIE works with companies to provide website and internet solutions. ABIE specializes in leveraging powerful web platforms, such as WordPress, Sitecore, and SharePoint to ensure your target users obtain the best user experience, while leveraging SEO and integrated social media capabilities. Whether an existing website needs an update/upgrade, or a new website requires construction from the ground up, you can trust ABIE to provide the expertise required to deliver an exceptional solution for your existing business or start-up enterprise.


Cloud Technologies

Many businesses are leveraging the power of the cloud to digitally transform their companies. ABIE can provide assistance in migrating enterprises to the cloud, and utilizing industry leading solutions, such as Office365 from Microsoft for a total office solution, as well as tapping the virtually unlimited power of Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure cloud offering. Don’t get left behind with traditional servers taking up space (and dealing with hardware downtimes, power interruptions, and internet provider outages). Move to the cloud and let ABIE provide the expertise for a smooth transition.

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 Let ABIE provide the expertise in mobile app development, and/or website solutions, while leveraging the cloud, enabling scalability in the enterprise, while providing better user engagement.

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ABIE’s 4D Methodology


Strategy, architecture, design, and planning services.


Software engineering, mobile app development, website development, cloud migration, using enterprise technologies.


Quality assurance, performance testing, load testing, stress testing, and production environment deployment.


Support, bug fixing, enhancements, change requests, app updates, and on-going maintenance.